COVID Class Procedures

All classes are conducted both Live and on Zoom

To attend the classes live you must pre-register, as class sizes are limited.

Classes at My Pilates can accommodate 5 students

Classes at Pilates Plus can accommodate 4 students

Classes at Good Space can accommodate 6 students


Text me at 937-657-7943 to reserve your live space.


Please be considerate of other students who may want to attend live, try not to cancel out at the last minute, please.

Email Invitations will be sent out to join the classes via Zoom, you need to be on my email list to receive the invitation.

Try to sign on 5 minutes before the class so that you can address any technical issues you may be having.  That way we can start on time.


You can pay for your classes via Paypal, Venmo or send a check to me, or come to a live class!

We will observe social distancing guidelines.  Please bring your own mat and props.

Yoga Equipment